About Listing

Read all the stuff to know how listing in GamersAdda.in works


Product Condition

1) Brand New - It is unsealed product inlcuding all the original contents.

2) Like New - Seal is broken and used one or two times with no scratches. Includes box.

3) Good - Seal is broken , used more than few times with 1 or 2 scratches. Includes box.

4) Acceptable - Seal is broken , used for long period with 1 or 2 scratches. Includes box.

5) Disc Only - Only the disc with perfect working condigion. 1 or 2 sctraches.


For Sellers

1) Make sure to list the game with proper description

2) If you like to exchange make sure you are listing all the interested game

3) If you like to exchange game with extra cash make sure you are listing them properly

4) If you like to exchange and also want to sell , make sure you are entering the selling price and also the game you are intrested in exchanging

5) Accept the offers only if the buyers shows real interest and confirmed payment. And also discuss everything over the phone if possible and also be in touch till the deal is closed. As soon you accept the offer the product will consider sold. And it will remove from listing. And if the buyers didn't turned out , report the offer so that the staff team can close the offer and make your product available for sale again.

6) Make sure to leave ratings and feedback for the buyer.


For Buyers

1) Click buy now button only if you are really interested in buying the game

2) As soon you click the buy now , you interest notice will sent to seller and you will be provided with chat interface where you can discuss

3) If Seller is interested in your offer he will show up and request you payment , discuss all the stuff and then make payment to them once everything this discussed and the deal is done. Make sure to get their phone numbers for smooth deal and discuss everything over the phone.

4) As soon payment is done , seller needs to accept the offer and then game will consider as sold.

5) Don't forget to leave ratings and feedback for the seller once the deal is closed.


Note: If you have any concerns please send email to [email protected]